[Twitter] ChaCha just gave us a heart attack !!

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LOL..Decided to play around while working hard on our show. Hope to see you all! Visit Jay's youtube for info ^^

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[Youtube] 100822 Jay uploaded a FM teaser

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[Twitter] 100822 Jay just uploaded a FM teaser

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[News] 100717 Jay Park and AOM at Monster Jam

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Yesterday Jay & AOM Crews went to Monster Jam but they could not join the battle bcse they got there too late!!  What a pity, hope they get a chance to at least battle once in Korea.





Went to Monster Jam@ Apgujeong today and met the infamous artist -Mina Kwon! Unfortunately, AOM was late so we couldnt compete

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Here we got some pic of the event, Jay & the others look great !! Haha, Jay always drink a lot of water !!















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[Info] Fanmeeting in Seoul 28Aug2010

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Will this information be helpful to you?  How many members are living in Korea or will go there for the fan meeting.  I hope everybody is gonna to enjoy this event including Jay & AOM.





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[PICS] 100710 Jay & AOM at the 2nd International Paralympic Youth Camp

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Yesterday Jay left a Twitter msg saying doing good deed, i guess he was referring to the IPYC event which he & AOM attended yesterday.  Below are some pictures to share with you :







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[INFO] Jay & Daniel who is who??? twitter update

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[Info] StepRoc (Daniel Jerome) won't be in Hype Nation

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Hype Nation


I have been getting a lot of questions about why I am not in Korea or why I will not be in the Hype Nation movie with the other AOM members.

Well I was invited to go a little before the others left, but I just have way too much stuff going on during that time of the filming. One example is my summer quarter of college that I had already paid for before getting the invite for the movie.

Basically I am just busy and don’t have free time for that, even though I would have love to make that time lol.

So for those that were expecting me to do that I just want to say sorry and thank you so much for the support!

Hopefully more opportunities will come my way and I am happy that my crew will be in a movie!

That’s so dope!  Be on the look out for that movie in theaters whenever it’s released.




-Daniel Jerome


CREDIT: StepRoc's twitter




Junior also said that he didn't go to Korea w/ AOM, i don't have any idea about his reason, but i'll put it up as soon as i got some infos. I wish you all the best Daniel(StepRoc) , keep it going and hope to see you working together w/ AOM in your next gig, probably next movie??? =)


Anyways, GOOD LUCK.!!! keep it Rockin'!!!

[Video] 100704 @JAYBUMAOM and AOM wish fighting!

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So, cool... this is the 1st video ever since Jay & AOM started the filming of HYPE NATION.  Now we know why even back hurts, it is still ok for Jay bcse he is now with all his friends.


Credits: Nate,

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Introducing AOM!

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Some country doesn't really paid attention to this kind of dancing, for some it's just a waste of time and for some they think that people who do b-boying are "rebels" , teens that cause problems in their neighbourhood, out of school youth but................ i firmly DISAGREE... this guys have DREAMS and works hard to succeed just like everyone else. Their passion in dancing shows when they break dancing(b-boying)... And the best crew i can give you as a proof is AOM(Art of Movement) some of them don't just do b-boying but also excel in different area.


AOM Crew - Seattle based b-boy crew established in 2002, the crew that Jay Park calls his "BROTHERS" ..




DialTone -   Jose Antonio Orduna, 21


                     Anaheim, CA



Junior -        Felipe jr. Orduna, 20 


                      Anaheim, CA


Phé La Roc - Leng Sok Phe, 23




Jay -              Jay Park a.k.a. Park Jaebum 23


                      Seattle WA





Chase Malone - Cha Cha, 22


                       Seattle, WA / Waianae, Hawaii


NEIL          -  Ramneek,16


                      Fiji Islands


Gil             - Gil Villanueva Umali III , 22


                    San Andres Bukid Manila/Batangas, Philippines


BOWZER- Bao Nguyen, 22


                  Seattle, WA


Steproc - Daniel Jerome, 18


                 SPANAWAY, WASHINGTON


I'll post more as soon as i get additional info's about the other members for now check their old clips,, AOM ranked 4th as the best crew in Seattle & according to Cha-Cha they DON'T have a leader ^_^  <------ Art of Movement Crew at the RHS Talent Show 2004   <------ Art of Movement Crew at the RHS Talent Show 2006   <------ Jay Park <3